Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DIY: Sequin belt

I love sequins! I mean who doesn't? They make every outfit that much better. I am someone who is known to go a little overboard with sequins. So this DIY is prefect for the person who just wants that little edge without looking like a crazed lady gag fan.

What you need:

-strip of sequins ($2.47 a yard. I got 1 yard)
-strong thick thread
-fashion buckle ($3.50 at any fabric store)

1. loop the sequin thread through one side of the fashion buckle. Give yourself about an inch or so, that way you can have room to sew.

2. Sew. The best way is through the holes already in the sequins.

3. Wear it.

It's just that prefect amount of sparkle to add some extra edge to any look. You can also follow these same steps with other stretchy fabrics to make more beautiful belts.

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