Saturday, July 7, 2012

DIY: Zipper Straps (Racerback Shirt)

It's Saturday! And I have to work... but if you don't and want something to do, well here is my latest DIY.

I had some left over lace from the "lace sides" DIY so I used it...

What you need:
Lace (or any fabric.)
Sewing machine (or sewing supplies)
A long zipper (any fabric store. Coast me $3.50)
3 small strips of a strong fabric

1. Fold the fabric in half & pin down.

2. Sew making a seam.

 3. So basically you make a tube top. (Those are my mom's hands- Thanks mom!)

4. You are now going to make a hem. fold about half an inch over and pin.

5. Now 3 the small strips (about an half an inch long and an inch wide) Place on in the back where the seam is and two in the front. These are your place markers for the straps. Where you going to sew the zipper too.

6. Un zip the zipper. Pin the zipper to the smaller pieces of fabric. Sew the zipper into place.

7. Now my favorite part: Wear it! You can unzip it all the way, to the middle or all the way up.

You can add a zipper to a tube top you already have or make the shirt part out of any cool fabric. I just had extra lace.

I am actually going to make this shirt again with another fabric!


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