Thursday, June 21, 2012

DIY: (comme des fuckdown) lace sides

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My pen pal Nate Assmilk sent me a this awesome shirt that didn't fit him so being the great friend that he is thought I would know what to do with it. After some brainstorming I came up with an idea...

 photo DIY_CommesdesfuckDOWN_zps0f5518f8.jpg

What you need:
Shirt (larger the better)
Sewing machine (or sewing supplies for those hand sewers)
flat surface

 First to cut: The sleeves
Turn the shirt inside out so you can cut along the seam. It's a very useful line so it's a straight and even cut.

You should end up with a muscle tee silhouette

This part is option but cut the bottom off. I cut about an inch.

 Then cut down both sides of the shirt.

So it becomes open and looks like a pillow case.

So it looks something like this. The only part holding the shirt together right now is the neck.

Cut two stripes of lace. (I found this lace at my favorite fabric store: Pacific Fabrics. It coasts about $4.99 a yard and I got half a yard) Of course the strips should be longer then the shirt.

 Begin pinning the lace to the shirt. Give yourself about an inch of extra space.

Repeat on both sides. Leave room for the seam and at the bottom of the shirt. Like so:

 Now begin sewing!
NowI can't stress this enough: make sure to give yourself a lot of space for the seam. (You can always cut off extra fabric but you can't add!)

If there is any extra fabric you can cut that, as well as the extra lace at the bottom of the shirt.

And of course, my favorite part: Wear it!

 photo lacesides_2_zps7fef6fc7.jpg

I left mine really roomy because I think it's a great shirt for the summer. Great to throw over a bathing suit or pair with high waisted shorts and sneakers or vans. 

And let's be honest; it's hard not to feel bad ass wearing a shirt that says "comme des fuckdown"

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