Monday, June 25, 2012

inspired thrifting

Slept in yesterday. Wasn't feeling well, so I went trolling through my tumblr and came across this video of Travis and Joshua. The two guys behind my absolute favorite fashion blog Street Etiquette.

Put This is On is one of my favorite fashion blogs as well, I can find Jesse Thorn a little strange and slightly off putting. BUT that's not the point... The point is I watched this video and was inspired to call up my girl j.mena and do some shopping of my own. 

Thrifiting is all about the hunt and the find.  

First up: crushed velvet shoes and dress

sheer & floral

fur jacket

I love thrifting for a lot of reasons. 
One happens to be the awesome collection of labels.


crazy "stamp" label

Pastel blazer/80's prom dress 

gold watch/wrist game on lock 

Found a lot of what I am calling "Supreme" florals 

Then this gem!
(Sending to someone...)

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