Thursday, October 18, 2012

DIY: T-shirt Scraps (Necklace & Headband)

I personally like the guy's t-shirts better than girls. I like the cut better plus I got big boobs so there's more room. (If I being perfectly honest) But the first thing I always, always do with a guys shirt I get is cut about inch off the bottom. I do this because the shirts are sometimes too long. 

Whenever I do that I have left over scraps of fabric. Being a guttersnipe, I don't want to waste them so I of course use it.

First up: The Necklace

T-shirt Scraps

1. Cut the t-shirt fabric the long ways until you get a bunch of long strips. Pull one piece aside.

 2. With the other remaining strings tie together.

3.Using the piece you put a side, tie your beads or jewels like so.

4. Make sure they are all different lengths.

 5. Lastly tie all the small hanging strands on to the larger strip. Then wrap around your neck as many times as needed. Adjust as needed.

Now: Wear & Share!
(Also... makes really cool art too)

Second: Starry Headband

This is best to use the scrap of fabric that has the hem on it or is thicker in length.

T-shirt Scraps
Glue Gun
mini stars (can be found at arts & crafts stores)

Tip: Cut the t-shirt scarp once so it's not one big band. This way you don't have to cover the whole surface and can tie it instead.

 1. Get the glue gun hot enough and dribble a "messy" line of glue on the head band.

2. Then sprinkle the stars over the glue. Do this quickly so the glue doesn't cool down.

Tip: Wait for the glue to cool down before you remove any loose stars or ones that did not attach.

once again my favorite step: Wear & Share!

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