Wednesday, October 17, 2012

pastel mood rings

Fall is a time of jean jackets. So excuse me while I wear one almost everyday.

Side Note: These AMAZING feather unicorn earrings were made by sister. She gave them to me for a christmas back when is in high school. She doesn't make earrings as much as she use but ever pair were so original and fresh. We have a theory that Urban Outfitters has been biting my sister's style for ages now.

When I took a day trip to Bainbridge Island awhile back, my friend Mary and I purchased best friend mood rings. My only has hearts on it but Mary's has alien faces. Way cooler.

Leggings (tie dyed Joe Jeans I found at Salvation Army*) $4.75
T-shirt (Stole from my sister - sorry!)
Hoodie (H&M) $20.00
Jean Jacket (hand me down - I have a lot of jean jackets...)
earrings (gift from my sister)

*only a guttersnipe can find JOE JEANS at a salvation army for under $5.00 
(Get on my level - because you can!)

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