Tuesday, October 16, 2012

king's corner

It's not raining today in Seattle. It's clearly taking a break which means I have one last chance to wear my flats.

I got this shirt when I was at Bumbershoot's Flatstock this year from the lovely people at DKNG Studios. I've been a massive fan of their work and design since my first flatstock experience. (Support Your Local Artist.)

Now that it's getting colder I plan on living in my sweaters from now on. This crazy wrap hoodie one that I got at the Levi's store last year is a mother freaking tent. 

Shoes (Target) $15.00
Kenneth Cole Pants (Costco - yeah go figure) $13.00
Shirt (DKNG) $20.00
Sweater (Levi's Store - massive sale last year when it going out of business) $12.00
Jean Jacket (freebie)
Bamboo Earrings (Sally's Beauty Supply Store) $3.50

And once again it's "dreamboat tuesday" over the guttersnipe tumblr.

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