Monday, September 12, 2011

Nylon Challenge: Grunge

I've done a couple of what I call NYLON Challenges already. And it's not like I am just calling out NYLON. The truth is, I am planning to do this with other magazines. (Next up is Teen Vogue!) It’s just that NYLON is my favorite magazine and although I’m a reader who fits perfectly in their demographic, I can't afford half the stuff that they feature.

You have probably noticed that most NYLON fashion spreads have high-end designers but the ads are all for stores or labels that are a bit more affordable. Proving my point that although they want you to look great, they also want you to want the expensive things you see. But it may not be realistic for you to actually buy the Chloe jacket or the Marc Jacobs bag.

That’s where I come in. I do these NYLON challenges to help you realize that you can take any look (and I mean any look) from the magazines and get it without spending your rent money or college tuition on it. Instead, you can draw from the inspiration of the overall look and duplicate it for dirt cheap!

Fashion is a form of personal expression. It shouldn’t be about a price tag. It’s not always snobby and it isn’t a secret club. Anyone can do it, even us guttersnipes!

So... without further ado. Here is my latest NYLON Challenge. It's from the September Issue with the lovely Christina Ricci on the cover. This layout is model by Vampire Diaries's star Nina Dobrev and highlights the fall trend of "Grunge." Well who will know more about Grunge then a Guttersnipe from Seattle?! Seriously, this was made for me.

All items were found at The Salvation Army in SODO.

Top Image is from the magazine and the bottom photo my outfit inspired by the magazine.

Look Number One:
Sweater - $5.99
Striped shirt - (Which I ended up buying) $2.50
Pants - $6.99
Shoes - (Which I also ended up buying) $4.99

Look Number Two:
Button Up - $4.99
Tank Top - $0.99
Sweater - $7.00
Shorts - $4.99
Shoes - $6.99

Look Number Three:
Black Dress - $3.99
Flannel (Men's Section) - $7.99
Belt - $0.99
Shoes (Men's Section) - $4.99

Look Number Four:
Sweater - $6.00
Skirt - $2.50
Shoes - $3.99


  1. So I was looking through this post and felt really inspired. So inspired that I went to the Salvation Army and spent about 1.5 hrs in there. End up buying some cool stuff which were all half off!

    Keep up the good work and I hope to see some of these post more!