Sunday, October 20, 2013

high. fly. DIY.

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Leaving for a mini trip to Boston. I am really excited! I need to get out of Seattle for a little bit. Love my home, but always good to get out and clear your head. I have a few shows out there so it should be fun!

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Today I made two new garments. One is a little more traditional top (with a cute little collar detail) and the other shirt was a strange wild pattern from a great book of Japanese fashion my mother got me when we went to the Future of Beauty exhibit at Seattle Art Museum. Plus I just bought this great silk fabric that has crazy abstract and asymmetrical lines. The print flatters the shirt, the shirt is ideal for the fabric.

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And since I am flying and it's a red flight I am trying to be comfortable as possible. This shirt is like a slick beautiful garment and a sleeping bag in one.

I will put the DIY directions for it soon!

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Sneakers (Nike Outlet) $20.00 x Sweats (sister's - sorry!)
Shirt (DIY - guttersnipe one of a kind)
Necklace (Target) $1.00

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