Thursday, October 24, 2013

a girl in boy's clothing

Just got back from Boston! Did some great shopping. Yes, I shopped. I know I said I wasn't going to buy anything new until the new year but I was in Boston, on vacation. Why not?!

Plus we got to check out this great "hidden" store called Bodega. Was able to find some great must have items. Like this great men's Obey shirt.

 photo IMG_3288_zpsbd4a1a9c.jpg photo IMG_3292_zps375ebc50.jpg

I like dressing like a boy. It's just so easy and so fun. Being a lady is nice too but tomboy attire is far less uptight, as well as far less physically tight.

 photo IMG_3284_zps4e63aa54.jpg  photo IMG_3286_zpsa73c4430.jpg 

Ladies - Steal from your boyfriend. It's that easy. Ex ones, new ones. You most likely can pull something off of theirs better than they can.

 photo IMG_3289_zpsfae9fb5c.jpg photo IMG_3291_zps938ce0a9.jpg 
Skull earring. Bat earring. Duh.

Fellows - Steal from your girlfriend. Why not? Who am I too judge.

  photo agirl_zps60dc6d99.jpg

Timberlands x Leggings (Target) $9.00
Shirt Obey (Bodega - Boston) x Hoodie (H&M) $20.00
The famous $4.00 leather coat (Salvation Army)
Gold Chain (Goodwill) $1.00

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