Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Drop Dead Cold

It's getting colder out there. Don't let that sun fool you.

It's February! The Sasquatch line has been released and I am trying to make it happen. I am being positive and know I will be going.

There's hella shit I need to be doing but I rather sleep. Or do something else. Ugh.

 photo IMG_4673_zps26762db4.jpg  photo IMG_4688_zpsb07f65ef.jpg  photo IMG_4693_zpse7949e57.jpg  photo IMG_4694_zps2dc906c0.jpg  photo IMG_4695_zps87789fe0.jpg  photo IMG_4696_zps241035a6.jpg  photo dropcold_zps8e619f93.jpg

Flannel (Salvation Army) x Shirt (goodwill)
Disco Pants x Timberlands
skull scarf

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