Wednesday, February 19, 2014


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If you did not know yesterday was a national holiday. Yesterday was the one and only Dr Dre's birthday (AKA Dre Day) My friend DJ 100 Proof and a group of other great DJs in Seattle were the brilliant minds behind this exclusive celebration of everything Dr. Dre.

I mean, how could you not enjoy yourself?

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I don't go out as much as I use too but when I do - I make sure it's worth it. And last night was priceless! The soundtrack was everything Dr Dre meaning all his music, songs he either produced, featured on, or even touched. Everything played was a cut - a classic!

*sigh* tip next year...

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On a fashion note - I was finally able to check out Seattle's Zara store. My friend is the manager there and she put a lot of work into the store, which paid off because the store is amazing!

I told myself I wouldn't buy anything but I did. Oops! Not only did I get that great handbag above, which oddly enough best describe my state of mind most days, I was also able to find these great jeans!

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I've been searching for a pair of high-waisted boyfriend jeans forever! So of course ZARA would have them. 

Now they did coast me $80 but for a pair of jeans that are extremely well made and fit like a glove I am willing to pay the price. Literally.

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People can hate these high waisted jeans but fuck it - I love them! I am someone who is self-conscious about my belly so high waisted jeans are my best friend. I hate when people call them "mom jeans" 

Well damn - your mom has style!

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Shoes (Macy's) x Jeans (ZARA) x Hand bag (ZARA)
Belt (H&M) $3.00 x sweater (TOP SHOP - sale)
Gold Chain (Goodwill) $0.99 x Jacket (Married to the Mob - PLNDR)

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