Monday, March 3, 2014

light wait

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Oh. Did I forget I had a fashion blog? Yeah, for a bit.  But fuck it. I am back. Miss me? I missed you.

I've been busy. Doing stuff. Important-ish.

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I swear I haven't been wearing these ZARA jeans everyday... more like every other day. But more important these Nike Free Run 5.0 are amazing! I am sorry - people who wear UGGs have no excuse about how they are "comfortable." These Nike 5.0 are way more comfortable and a whole lot better looking. Now, I've never tired on a pair of UGGs, ever, but just take my word for it.

   photo IMG_5086_zpse3554fb8.jpg  photo IMG_5096_zpsefa9c2eb.jpg  photo IMG_5100_zps1a4b16b6.jpg  photo IMG_5101_zpsf486aa99.jpg  photo IMG_5103_zps175cd2a2.jpg  photo IMG_5104_zpsba7ade24.jpg  photo lightwait_zps61e4b8bf.jpg

bar necklace (H&M) x Sweatshirt (Pop-up Shop x lovecitylove)
Jeans (ZARA) x Nike 5.0 (Nike Town - SF)

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