Wednesday, March 5, 2014

cool story bro

This isn't really "5 Things I am in love with right now." It's just a quick fire list of cool things that haven't lately. Enjoy!

Chanel Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear
The modern Chanel girl goes shopping like anyone else at the super market. She just doesn't wear a dirty college sweatshirt and sweats.

I am in a music video! My friends Fly Moon Royalty just came out with their newest & latest song. It's so epic. Love, share, and enjoy.

I did a google talk, too. I can't watch it because I have a hard time watching myself but you check it out. Just check out the link.

The Oscars happened, the fashion was amazing.

You can like me on Facebook.

I started working on this strange GIRL art project. I was inspired by Pharrell William's new album. He was getting crazy backlash about the cover of his album, which is ridiculous. So I started posting pictures of all the type of the worlds in the world. Enjoy!

This isn't cool - but haven't been really inspired fashion wise, hence the lack of posts. But hopeful that will all change.

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