Tuesday, March 11, 2014

longer days

My phone was stolen. Which sucks. I am trying to stay positive. I am staying positive. It's hard because people who take other people's phones or other people's stuff are jerks. Sorry, no excuses. Just plain and simple. You take something that isn't yours = you are an ass hole.

 photo IMG_5142_zpsf6a88541.jpg photo IMG_5141_zps773727bb.jpg

Well so much for being positive! But whatever. I stand behind it.

Either way - I am not letting a silly derailment like that bring me down. A crazy storm yesterday in Seattle has brought along some great sunshine in it's wake. Not to mention the days are beginning to get long.

Something I do not mind.

 photo IMG_5122_zps1a72f4a3.jpg photo IMG_5118_zps2dd8e56d.jpg

  photo IMG_5138_zpsf3c6e483.jpg photo IMG_5137_zps4abf2d6c.jpg 

Took a break from wearing my boyfriend ZARA jeans. Poor things needed a break. Remembered I have other great pants. Not to mention this comfy sweater that I am pretty sure I've only wore like once before.

 photo daysgettinglonger_zpsbb16d12a.jpg

Jeans (Goodwill) $10 x Sweatshirt (TopShop Men) $35.00
Chain x Shoes (Nordstrom Rack)

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