Friday, March 14, 2014


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Last night was a moment I've been waiting since high school - The Veronica Mars Movie! You have no idea how obsessed I was with this show in high school. Veronica is a modern day Nancy Drew who hella sass. How could I not love it?

Either way - saw it last night. God! I hope there is a 2nd one. And yes. I made posters.

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My shirt is a DIY. I bought this awesome fabric awhile back (working on a dress) but for the time being I just cut a patched and sewed it to a tee shirt. Simple.

I love this fabric because it reminds me of the Prada 2014 Spring Collection. Meaning I made a cheap fashionable up bet. Go figure!

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I usually don't care about my socks, meaning they never really match. However lately I've been using them to my fashion advantage. My boyfriend got me there great leopard print stance socks. Can't help but rock them with pride.

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Jeans (Goodwill) x Shoes (Macy's)
Tee shirt 5 Pack for $9 at Costco x DIY Patch
Hoodie (H&M)

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