Tuesday, November 26, 2013

cozy like cosby sweater

Everyone thinks of Bill Cosby when the think of crazy wild sweaters. True. However sometimes I can't help but think about Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Theo Huxtable) He had some AMAZING fits on The Cosby Show.

 photo Theo02_zpscb10c4e0.jpg photo Theo01_zps75fabbf9.jpg
 photo Theo01-1_zpsfa16b6c8.jpg
 photo Theo03_zpscc4fdbd3.jpg photo Theo01-2_zps3c720f89.jpg

But of course if we do talk Cosby fashion I have to mention Lisa Bonet a.k.a. Denise Huxtable. Overall they were one of the most stylist families. Swag for years.

   photo Denise01_zpsf6a46f40.jpg photo lisa_zps43d89e46.jpg
 photo d9_zpsda17fc01.png 
 photo tumblr_mft1l2l2AX1s1nbfmo3_1280_zps885905f4.jpg photo 8633cd202ba1b13fdd24833190110e38_zps837ec195.jpg 

Thrift stores are THE best place to find these fashion because well... Thrift stores and 2nd shops are made up of the past. Fashion always comes full circle people. I know this because places like Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Top Shop, and even Nordstrom BP are always selling clothes that look old and "dated" to a certain era. But me, I can't buy those items full price knowing good and well I can find a one-of-a-kind item at my local Goodwill.

 photo IMG_3875_zpsc8bf5744.jpg photo IMG_3876_zps16d95a6e.jpg 

Case in point: I found my own cosby/denise/theo sweater for $4.50. You truly can't bet that price.

 photo IMG_3877_zps7c9005a2.jpg photo IMG_3878_zpsbf73a3f9.jpg 

"Before you buy - a goodwill you must try." guttersnipe proverb

 photo cozylike_zps2a05bfe5.jpg

Timerland boots x pants (TopShop)
Sweater (Goodwill) $4.50 x necklace (Forever 21)

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