Friday, December 13, 2013

the last 13th

Hey! Remember me? Ten days later...

I am caught up in the holiday rush. Shopping, working, christmas tree decorating, eating, sleeping, movies, eating again. I also haven't been able to style any posts because of it. But I am back. (For now)

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I can believe this year is over because this felt like a year. A whole full 365. It didn't go by too fast, it didn't go by too slow, it just went by. I am of course super nostalgic this time of year (who isn't) however ready for a new chapter, a new year, a new season. The cold snap in Seattle is over but it's still bitter outside.

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It being the last Friday 13th of the year I am, of course, celebrating it with Beyonce's new album. That's right, Beyonce dropped an album out of NOWHERE. Well, because she can. Because her name markets itself, the internet exists, and then her dedicated fans do that rest. I'm not a die hard Beyonce fan but I do like her! I really love the idea of her fandom. How serious people are about her. It's amazing, overwhelming, and mesmerizing. Plus the album is really good and there's a music video for every song. So for who is a massive visual person, I am loving it!

Fun fact - besides waiting to be on SNL I want to make music videos.

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Anyway, I still need to be a 3 year anniversary post of this blog. Maybe I'll tie it in with all my highlights of the year. We'll see. I also need to do a Christmas List! Give you guys ideas for that special someone in your life.

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TopShop Leggings x Timberlands
Sweater (Goodwill) x Shirt (Salvation Army)
Marc Jacobs Scarf (Target Collection)
The Famous $4.00 Leather Jacket

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