Monday, December 16, 2013

last, chance

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Last night a bunch of us all went to the Chance The Rapper show. It was entraining as hell! (The show itself & the people watching) I have to say however I was surprised. Chance put on hell of a show but a very mature one at that. He is only 20 but has the stage presents of a pro. An true artist overall. Chance played all his cuts, did covers, and works with the live band called "The Social Experiment."

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And on the other hand:

There's many things I am really freaking out about. All good things.

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1. Christmas Season
I am in full swing. Shopping, wrapping, decorating, and of course hanging out with love ones.

I am freaking out about her new album; it's amazing. I love how she was like "I have an album, what shall I do with it? I know - just drop it. Just. Drop. It." Fucking beautiful. And sorry if I sound cheesy but I the day that it came out I felt so proud to be a women. I felt so empowered.

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Just been on a good one and trying to keep it going into the new year.

Since it's winter - all I need to truly wear is Timberlands.

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Timberlands x American Apparel Disco Pants
Chance The Rapper Concert tee x Timberland Flannel
Army Jacket x chains

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