Saturday, March 22, 2014

& in love again,

I fell in love with these polka dots high waisted jeans again. I got them almost a year ago but they truly are the best Spring item I have. So last year, but whatever. Like I've ever cared about that.

   photo IMG_5402_zps6ee950f1.jpg  photo IMG_5394_zpsdd1d0d13.jpg

Fashion Little Tip: Tie your shirt in a tie to add it a little something special. Turns any run of the mill t-shirt into something fun again. Also play around with tucking in shirt in the back or the front or the sides.

 photo IMG_5400_zpsf2994067.jpg photo IMG_5395_zpsd89f13c3.jpg

 photo IMG_5382_zpse2294ce1.jpg  photo IMG_5386_zps54269e26.jpg  photo IMG_5393_zpsa8afc6e0.jpg  photo IMG_5396_zps54e01a21.jpg  photo IMG_5397_zpsab65291d.jpg  photo IMG_5398_zpsbf4dec88.jpg

Spring is here! I am always so uninspired by Spring fashion. Especially being in Seattle you never know if a bright sun day will turn ugly. So it's kind of dress for any occasion or situation.

 photo newloveagin_zpse80cb498.jpg

Shoes (Nike 5.0) x Polka Dot High Waisted Jeans (Goodwill) $10
Shirt (TopShop - Nordstrom - Sale!) $16
Earrings (Nasty Gal)

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