Sunday, March 23, 2014

mad at my wardrobe

So I made this.

Really easy. Just used a t-shirt to line the patterns. Cut two pieces of fabric (the top and bottom) sewed them together. I can really get shit done when I am not trying. But when I need too; forget about it. I won't get done.

  photo IMG_5419_zpsfcdf640b.jpg photo IMG_5423_zps8aeb1b69.jpg  photo IMG_5427_zps0c407c6b.jpg photo IMG_5429_zpsd95dbc1a.jpg 

This is the same fabric that I cut a square off and sewed to a plain white tee shirt. You know, Prada Spring Collection 2014. 

Mine just coast me $7

 photo madat_zps9c266ea1.jpg

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