Thursday, January 30, 2014

when grey matters

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Any true reader who has been with me since the jump remembers this logo! I was cleaning my room and going through old notebooks and stumbled across this baby. The guttersnipe OG logo. I do miss it at times.

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Everyone in Seattle is getting so ready for the big game this Sunday. I am working that day but have no fear! That is a good thing. The Seahawks always win when I don't watch the game. Go Hawks!

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So like I said before I've been cleaning my room. Moving things around and trying to figure out a new arrangement of everything. Which is hard because I get really into then find something to distract me, like my old notebooks, get lost in those and end up watching a law & order SVU marathon. I need to work on being more productive. Ugh.

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I have cleaned my closet out, repurposed a lot of items, and find some good stuff to steal. I also have been really big on candles. Who knows.

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In the fashion life - I've talked about "street ninja" this fashion trend of wearing all black. I've discovered I can't do it. However I've been finding myself wearing a lot of the same shade. This is my take on a lot of grey aka gray aka silver. Or whatever. 

I am liking this idea. Stick to one color and make it work. Boom! Fashion.

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Air Jordans x Disco Pants (American Apparel)
Sweatshirt (LoveCityLove - Pop Up Shop) x necklace (goodwill) $7.00
Hoodie (H&M) $20.00

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