Saturday, August 16, 2014

two days in a row

Yo. It ain't even fall yet but I can't stop wearing this jacket from H&M. Best $10 I ever spent. And as always: my first says it all. I am fucking unicorn!

 photo IMG_7288_zps2c87f97b.jpg  photo IMG_7291_zps17c3e1ac.jpg 

The LA move is approaching quickly. And all honesty - I can't wait. I love this city but I need to get away from it to truly love it even more.

But of course - Happy Friday y'all! I hope you enjoyed your night and if not, no worries, you still have Saturday.

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Bought yet another pair of shoes. But hey! I don't drink. So all the money I save from not buying drinks I deserve a new pair of shoes. Logic!

 photo twodays_zps2628dfe3.jpg

Jordans (Nike Outlet) x Leggings (Target) $9
Shirt (Drop Dead Clothing) x Jacket (H&M) $10
Necklace (Tatty Devine)

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