Monday, August 18, 2014

screen time

Anyone who follows my Instagram knows about this news:

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So... now I've been writing. Like crazy. Like beyond crazy. Like my eyes are killing me from starring at my computer screen for too long. But thankful, hard work has and will pay off. Don't you forget!

On the flip side - I found this great shirt today!

 photo IMG_7320_zpsf36ab365.jpg photo IMG_7321_zps963f9c8d.jpg

For those who don't know I've been friends with Mary Lambert since we were 14, angry at the world, writing poems together. We even went on tour together about two years ago. Since then she has been busy  killing it in the game. I love her and so freaking happy for her. It's so wild to see her career take off.

 photo IMG_7326_zps9f7694ab.jpg  photo IMG_7327_zps35c07589.jpg  

I sent her a picture of me wearing this shirt, to which we both agree only a true fan would understand the awesome vintage-ness of this shirt.

Also on that note... Pre-order her new album like RIGHT NOW!

  photo IMG_7300_zps2ae66d97.jpg photo IMG_7309_zps3417123a.jpg  photo IMG_7319_zps7817228a.jpg  photo IMG_7323_zps1edc029a.jpg  photo IMG_7324_zps63dd59c3.jpg  photo IMG_7325_zpsfdb92173.jpg  photo screenwriting_zpsa3b5d229.jpg

Shoes (Target) x Pants (Top Shop)
Shirt (vintage Mary Lambert Shirt - thankful a freebie)
Flannel (Goodwill) x Necklace (Forever 21) $7

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