Sunday, August 24, 2014

5 things I am in love with... right now

Packing for LA so excuse the lack of posts.

But here we go. What is my trending topics.

5. Miles Teller
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Dude is fine as hell to me. Not to mention he has some sexy scars. Yes, I am a freak. I think scars are beautiful. Or maybe I am just awesome. Hard to tell sometimes.

4. The West Wing
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I get easily obsessed over TV shows. When I think about past moments I think "Huh, who was I dated at the time?" and "What TV series was I binge watching?" That's my life. In a nut shell. Whole season on Netflix

3. This hair
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It's very tempting...

2. Fall Fashion
 photo wmagseptember3_zps56d26eec.jpg
It's that time of year, the January of fashion. Getting all the magazines, taking notes, and have a billion tabs opened on my computer right as I type this. It's Christmas for us Fashion Nerds and Divas.

1. King Avriel
 photo img-holdingkingavriel_135105128313jpg_guides_hero_zpsb02f8741.jpg

This girl is a beast! She kills me. From her production to her lyrics. So glad I found her because her EP Thesis is the ideal soundtrack from someone moving to LA.


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