Sunday, August 31, 2014

two day

The 2nd day of bumbershoot! I was performing along aside my mentor/pen pal Tom Robbins. I was also able to catch my favorite guy Schoolboy Q who gave such a great and hilarious performance. (Of course keeping up with the twitter and Instagram is always where the juicy stuff is.)

But the rest of the day was easy, relax, downtime. Visited flat stock (again), checked out some of the film festival, and made my way to the visual art tents.

Overall t'was a good day.

   photo IMG_7458_zpsc3da2b06.jpg photo IMG_7471_zpscf800a35.jpg photo IMG_7476_zps45257ad3.jpg photo IMG_7477_zpsa46d7b4c.jpg 

So... this is one of my favorite new shirts. I got it back when I visited my girl at Pipe + Row. I call it my Clueless shirt because it reminds me when Cher she declares - "Lucy! Where’s my white collarless shirt from Fred Segal? It’s my most capable looking outfit"

Yeah. It's that amazing.

 photo IMG_7478_zpsb18ba7fb.jpg  photo IMG_7479_zps0aa67a7c.jpg  photo IMG_7480_zps9a59b1f6.jpg  photo IMG_7481_zps13bcf4c7.jpg  photo twoday_zpsf1feb961.jpg

Timberlands x Jeans (Zara)
Shirt (Pipe + Row) x Jacket (army surplus) $5.00

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