Monday, September 1, 2014

on the 3rd day

Lordy, lordy, lord. I am tired! Bet. I can't lift another finger. This weekend was jam-packed with wildness and it truly is bittersweet it's now over.

Today was the Battle of The Word poetry Slam which I was hosting. I was running around like crazy making sure everyone was doing what they needed to be doing and everyone was where they needed to be. Once that was over, it was hanging out in the artist lounge and eating free food.

 photo IMG_7502_zps57855d1d.jpg  photo IMG_7505_zpsd839d458.jpg

My highlight was seeing J. Cole. I love him! His set as by far one of the best sets not only at Bumbershoot but best set I've seen in life! So powerful and so moving. Played all the classics, played all the cuts. Awww. This was a great way to end the summer.

So ideal!

 photo IMG_7485_zps5b25195a.jpg  photo IMG_7499_zpsbf2b453f.jpg  photo IMG_7503_zpsccf150f6.jpg  photo IMG_7504_zps195ac80d.jpg

Check out the newest addition to my kick collection! Got these pretty ladies in Canada. Oh Canada! Also this hoodie I call my Harriet The Spy Hoodie. All about that mead notebook vibe.

 photo IMG_7507_zps648d5832.jpg  photo IMG_7508_zpsa5e418fd.jpg  photo onthe3rd_zps973369bd.jpg

Air Jordans 1 Retro '86 x Jeans (Nordstrom Rack) $10
Jordan Jersey (Urban Exchange Tacoma) $12
Hoodie (American Apparel)

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