Wednesday, September 3, 2014

borrowed a whole lot of

My biggest fashion advice or tip is stealing aka "borrowing" clothes from my mother and sister. The best thing about the ladies in your life - they all have great fashion too.

This lovely jacket is my mother's. My mom has always had a great eye for style. Her color has always been and will always be black. She, unlike me, can pull of the "street ninja." Black on black on black.

 photo IMG_7552_zpsf7d6fb5b.jpg  photo IMG_7553_zps41d4f64a.jpg 

These pants, well, I stole them from my sister a long time ago. She still hasn't noticed I have them, so I guess that's fair game and I can call them mine. Right?

  photo IMG_7534_zpsab6add74.jpg photo IMG_7535_zpsbc566487.jpg  photo IMG_7549_zpsa3fbfb1f.jpg  photo IMG_7550_zps7c37f234.jpg  photo IMG_7555_zps41590877.jpg  photo IMG_7556_zpsbaf6b3b6.jpg 

Also - these are "fancy" sweatpants. They are widely expected as fashionable because they are cuffed. Yes, cuffed. (Or that's at least what someone else told me. Who I do trust!)

 photo borrowawholelotof_zpsfb78dab7.jpg

Boots (Target) $30 x Pants (my sister's, now mine)
Shirt (H&M) 2 for $10 x Jacket (my mothers and I have to give it back)
Necklace (Forever 21)
Lipstick (Bite!)

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