Thursday, September 4, 2014

falling days

Last night was the last night of summer for me and my friends. Some went back to school and the others started new jobs. So we made the best of last night. First, went to see two of my favorite bands in Seattle, The Flavr Blue and Fly Moon Royalty, and without even trying ended up being in music video.

Now... I can't wait for fall! I just don't know how to dress for summer. I don't like to show too much skin and being as pale as I am, summer is no friend to my skin. I love fall.

 photo IMG_7600_zpsdbbffd0d.jpg  photo IMG_7601_zpsb5bc03bd.jpg 

However, moving to LA I got to get use to summer. Or start liking how to dress like a true Cali girl.

  photo IMG_7576_zps644eaa27.jpg  photo IMG_7582_zps581dd357.jpg

I've been wearing these boots a lot lately. I love my sneakers but heels do amazing things to the legs.

 photo IMG_7602_zpsad98f56f.jpg  photo IMG_7603_zpsafffe608.jpg  photo IMG_7604_zpsbe4ad38d.jpg  photo IMG_7605_zpsf210adc8.jpg  photo fallingdays_zps5f3f7704.jpg

Boots (Target) $30 x Pants (TopShop)
Shirt (ZARA) $20 x Shirt (GAP) $20

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