Wednesday, November 26, 2014

the day before

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It is the day before Thanksgiving and I am wearing shorts. I am never going to really get use to this LA weather. I am a fall & winter girl. The colder the better.

Thanksgiving eve in shorts. This shit is a head trip.

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I get to go home so lord knows I am not wearing this on the plane...

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 photo IMG_8315_zps684cbb22.jpg photo IMG_8312_zps1664ecc3.jpg 
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   photo IMG_8308_zpsb83c1dd5.jpg  photo IMG_8307_zps18bb9e67.jpg  photo IMG_8303_zpsa8dbdf4c.jpg  photo IMG_8300_zpsb53a4a85.jpg  photo IMG_8299_zps4299d7e3.jpg  photo IMG_8298_zps71aecac4.jpg  photo IMG_8280_zps53316338.jpg  photo IMG_8274_zps3242b6a5.jpg
Shoes: NIKE SB AIR JORDAN 1 (Alive & Well) 
Shorts (Goodwill) $4.00 x Shirt (Bodega Boston)
Beanie (H&M) $6

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