Monday, November 24, 2014

LA girl still in Seattle's finest

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Might be living in Los Angeles but I am still a Seattle girl from my Timberlands to my flannel. But now I can literally wear my flannel just as a jacket and still... it's hot.

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I have a feeling people don't know what to do with me or my style in this city. But I could careless. It's been fun here!
 photo IMG_8172_zps3ddf62c3.jpg  photo IMG_8173_zps6b445643.jpg  photo IMG_8174_zps7370e1d1.jpg   photo IMG_8218_zps447d2d3f.jpg  photo IMG_8223_zps146f028a.jpg
 photo IMG_8232_zpse41dfc43.jpg  photo IMG_8233_zps1e5cc11f.jpg
 photo IMG_8238_zpsce6afb15.jpg  photo IMG_8240_zps2fc2f84d.jpg 

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Timberlands x dress (LA goodwill) $10
Flannel (Forever 21) $10 x Cheap Monday Necklace (Zebra Club- Seattle)  

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