Thursday, December 16, 2010

paper back romance

I feel awfully sick. BUT my outfit feels like if Annie Hall was a librarian. Randomness I know... but I think that's the flu talking.


GOLDEN shoes: (Nordstorm Rack) $25.00
pants: (H&M) hand-me-downs from my mother
stripped shirt: (Salvation Army) $4.50
Black Cardigan: (Goodwill) $8.50
Gold Watch necklace: (Goodwill) $2.50
Rings: one-gift/one-free/one- $1.00

Total: $41.50

I huge on jewelry, but you can never see it in the pictures. So I took some close ups.

A. B. C. D.

A. Fangs ring - since my birthday is halloween my mom gets me "halloween" theme gifts, this year it was a fangs!

B. The one next to the fangs was something I got at a flea market.

C. This jade ring belonged to my friend but she broke it, she gave it to me, I fixed it and now the proud owner of it.

D. Now, this is my FAVORITE one. I wear it all the time. I got it at Goodwill, the back is broken, but I don't mind. It's very guttersnipe!

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