Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rules are meant to be broken

For the whole month of March I am not working. I am enjoying being young, about to head to college, and working on projects I care about. Because of that... I am not really sleeping. So that's probably why I am being so goofy in these pictures.

Now, I am not big on the denim on denim look. When I wear a jean jacket I usually wear a dress, leggings, or black pants. But sometimes you need to break your own fashion rules, that's why you make them!

Fashion needs too loosen up sometimes.

boots - (Nordstrom rack) $20.00
pants - (JC Penny's) $4.00
flower shirt - (Freebie -- It's really a dress but been wearing it as shirt lately)
belt - (freebie)
black hoodie* - (H&M) $20.00
jean jacket - (Goodwill) $5.00

*Now to be honest I thought this hoodie was pretty expensive (being the Guttersnipe that I am) however my sister talked me into because it's a hoodie. You will wear it all the time, it's better priced than an American Apparel one, and it's hard to find a GOOD hoodie at places like goodwill & salvation army. So over time your $20.00 will pay off.

Once again, sometimes you need to break your own rules.

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