Tuesday, August 2, 2011

DIY: 3 Ways to Jazz up a T-shirt

So this is a special DIY because it's three-in-one. I love finding different ways to take a plain old t-shirt or tank top and jazzing it up. Here are just 3 ideas to try:

First: Put a Pocket on it!

1. Find t-shirt any color or size.

2. Find a pattern you like and draw a pocket (draw it bigger so you have room to cut)

3. Sew it on the t-shirt.

Now.. Wear it!

Second: Cut it & Bead it

1. Find a t-shirt that is fairly larger so you can cut it into a tank top.

2. Fold it hand. Cut the about two inches off the bottom and cut the sleeves off.

3. Cut strips at the bottom of the shirt about one inch a part

4. Grab some colorful beads

5. Thread the beads through the cut strips at the bottom of the shirt. Then tie a knot.

Now... Sport it!

Third & Final: Button up

1. Get a tank top (You can use a t-shirt but I wanted to use a tank top instead)

2. Grab some buttons

3. Place the buttons how you want, then sew them on to the shirt. I started from one corner and worked my way out.

Now... Show it off

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