Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Interview

I had an interview today for a position as a writer for a magazine. Since it was for a magazine I wanted to look professional and youthful at the same time. A hip and responsible style. This is what I went for:

shoes - gift
jeans - (Levi's) $15.00
belt - (Salvation Army) $1.99
tank top - (old navy) $2.00
blazer - (deseret industries) $3.00
necklace - (goodwill) $1.99*

*I am really loving this necklace lately.

My tips on a prefect interview:

1. Breathe - No need to be nervous.
2. Think before you speak - Take your time. They asked you to come in for an interview to hear what you have to say, so think it out before saying it.
3. Copy your resume - It's always a good thing to have an extra copy of your resume just in case. Having it out and ready shows them how on top of things you are.
4. Listen! - When they ask you a question WAIT until they get to the end of their sentence before jumping in and answering.
5. Smile - Nothing better than someone who is positive and has an upbeat attitude.
6. "Thank You" - Remember to thank them for their time but not too much that you sound desperate or over bearing.
7. Have fun! - I mean they asked you come in for interview, you already charmed them with your resume. Now show that sparkling personality!

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