Monday, April 30, 2012


So... randomly I ended up at the Lil B show last night at Neumoes. In all honesty, I just went to go people watching with my friends because we thought it would be entertaining which it was! Then the next thing you know we are actually inside watching him.

It was too sweaty! And too funny! Most def a great adventure.

On the compete flip side I am off to my last day of work for the freelance gig I have been doing. It's very sad but also really nice to start May off with having 3 jobs instead of 4. Then later in May knocking that number down AGAIN to only 2 jobs. AW! I can't wait.

 photo radomly_zpsdd90722d.jpg
shirt (Salvation Army) $2.75
jeans (Levi's) $15.00
flats (Target) $15.00
necklace (Target) $7.00

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