Wednesday, April 11, 2012

That was...ODD

I just got home from the ODD Future concert and it was a shit show. (Excuse my english but it was!) I also felt like I was babysitting because there were soooooo many babies. Keep in mind it was an all ages event but damn so many pre-teens. Insane. (What time is your mom picking you up?!)

I went with my sister (a birthday present for her) and her roommate. I took some amazing photos. A lot of them I will not post out of respect to those people but so gosh darn entertaining to me. So many people children lost shoes and for some reason a lot of girls were BAREFOOT. I mean really?!

I've heard stories about how crazy the Odd Future concerts can be so I thought I have to wear an outfit that was a show stopper and if I did get in a fight, one I would looked classy in. So of course I wore timberlands, sequins and velvet like the true Guttersnipe that I am.

 photo odd_zpsc0738200.jpg

shoes - (Timberlands)
velvet leggings - (gift)
sequin dress - (Salvation Army) $4.75
jacket - (deseret industries) $1.00
purse - (Found it someone's give away pile)

(Dear Timberlands - Will you sponsor my life? 
Sincerely your biggest fan
xo Rose. The Queen of the Guttersnipes)


  1. Where did u get ur fang ring? I can't seen to find it anywhere..cheers from vee ❤

    1. My mother got me that ring at a thrift store near my house. Sadly it is not longer with us :( i lost it while swimming.