Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Your Last Days

I finally quit my job at the breakfast joint I work at. It was a fun 6 months. I loved my regulars, loved my co-workers, loved working in that silly little hole in the wall but it was time for me to leave. I always seem to end up having 4 jobs no matter what I do! So now I am down to 3. Half of the reason why I left, other half... well doesn't matter anymore.

Like I always say: "Upgrade by down grading." (And that's with jobs... nothing else)

Plus; I want to actually HAVE a summer this year. Stay out late, sleep in, and kick back. BE 22!

Absolutely loving my summer nights!

 photo URLastdays_zps2891516e.jpg
Button Up (Jason Wu for Target)
Jeans (Levis) $15.00
Shoes (Target) $15.00
Shirt - Actually a dress (TopShop: sale item) $7.00
Necklace (Crossroads) $6.50

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