Friday, June 8, 2012

Just Go for It

It's only one O'clock and today has been such a great day! Finishing the last little details on my book before it gets published, woke up to a nice home made breakfast, starting my first day at my new job, AND I found out Frank Ocean is coming to Seattle! (I already bought my tickets)

I am so enjoying it all. Enough said.

I fell in love with these pants from H&M. They are prefect for summer, light, mid raise, and very comfy. But I didn't know how to wear them. So I just went for something and ended up liking it. Taking risks has huge rewards.

 photo go4it_zps6811035b.jpg

shoes (Target) $15.00
pants (H&M) $30.00
shirt (Freebie from Knux show in Los Angeles)

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