Monday, July 23, 2012

mix it up a bit

It's only been my first day back from Brave New Voices and I am already missing it. But this feeling happens every year and sadly, it goes away. 

In my fashion world tho... I am working on a new DIY and waiting for the newest issue of Nylon to do a new challenge. I have yet to do laundry. But I deiced that was a good thing. It's a fashion challenge in its own way; work with what you got. 

mix it a up a bit.

 photo newfound_homebody_zps8a3e586f.jpg

boots (Target) $30.00
leggings (American Apparel) $16.00
shirt (Forever 21) $12.00
flannel (Goodwill) $2.50
necklace (goodwill) $1.99

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