Monday, September 17, 2012

you bad & her friends bad too.

I went to a rave/DJ set last night. (Dillon Francis with Flosstradamus) Now, keep in mind, I do not drink or do drugs, but I woke up with a serious 2nd hand hangover. I know for a fact I have a serious case of whiplash. But damn I looked good getting it.

I went with my friend Gabby and the french boy who has been living with my family, Paul. Paul has never been to American before so taking him to a rave seemed so natural.

My friend Gabby NEVER dresses crazy but she was willing to have me style her like a true guttersnipe. So I did. She is wearing:
a leopard print bathing suit (my mother's/vintage)
print purple leggings (H&M)
belt (Forever 21)
Married to the Mob Sequin jacket

This was an iPhone picture Gabby snapped on her phone. I am wearing:
belt (Red Light)
Sequin leggings (Express)
Dress (Forever 21)
A techno jacket I made a long time a go.

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