Friday, January 18, 2013

5 things I am in love with... right now

So, not only will I be gone for a month due to the fact that I will be on tour but I also broke my toe. Two reasons I will not be posting as much as I use too. Sucks! But I will try my hardest to update in as many ways as I can.

Like for right now: 5 Things I am in Love with.... right now

5. Cocoa Butter
I love this stuff! Great for the winter and the smell gets me every time.
 photo df-palmer-cocoa-butter_300_zpsf6a75f75.jpg

4. Target Long Leg Leggings
Which I can't find ANYWHERE! I wanted to stock up with as many as I can before I leave but they are sold out everywhere. Hopefully I can get some while on the east coast.
 photo 12220924_zps89eeacb1.jpg

3. Toro y Moi's Newest Album
My girl Gabby and I just bought our tickets to see him when he comes to Seattle, which I can't wait for. He is so cute and awkward and his music is ideal for any dramatic moment in your life.
 photo 9b99992f_zps72d65cf9.jpg

2. ASAP Rocky's Newest Album
I put it on to wake me up in the morning, I put it on when I am going out, I can't stop playing it and won't stop playing. The best song: Train. At least 100 plays on my computer already.
 photo asap-rocky-longliveasap_zpsb8c47e24.jpg

1. Gardenias
I've always admire Billie Holiday and lately I've been loving her signature flower the gardenia. I wore one in my hair for prom once which I loved. And as christmas gift I got some great gardenia lotion, it's been treating me very well.

 photo gardenia_zps803a19e0.jpg   photo billie2520holiday_zpsc8ee4444.jpg  

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