Tuesday, July 30, 2013

inspired thrifting x game day

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Finally got to goodwill and salvation army yesterday. Did some much needed retail therapy. Also I realized I haven't done an inspired thrifiting post in awhile, so you too must be dying for some good old fashion cheap eye candy.

As always; hope to inspire!

 photo IMG_2249_zps2fabfd7f.jpg  photo IMG_2250_zps03d4d423.jpg  photo IMG_2251_zps2b6348f4.jpg  photo IMG_2252_zps3855bab5.jpg  photo IMG_2253_zps9de5c1dd.jpg  photo IMG_2254_zpsecdf6ad6.jpg  photo IMG_2256_zps3a825e7a.jpg  photo IMG_2258_zpsf16c8952.jpg  photo IMG_2259_zpsc029594b.jpg  photo IMG_2260_zps322e9640.jpg  photo IMG_2262_zps69c59b3e.jpg  photo IMG_2298_zpsb72759ab.jpg
 photo IMG_2299_zps98462f7e.jpg photo IMG_2263_zpsdc7aafe4.jpg 
 photo IMG_2264_zps2a062d69.jpg 
 photo IMG_2300_zps626cc0f3.jpg photo IMG_2302_zps4925b296.jpg

Now on to my lately pick ups. I've noticed lately I've been going towards more basic pieces. Things that I can dress up or down. Depending on where you are standing.

 photo IMG_2265_zpsb29995f6.jpg photo IMG_2266_zps2b39459e.jpg  photo IMG_2267_zps13daeea0.jpg photo IMG_2268_zpsa4f7e53f.jpg  photo IMG_2269_zps5fbca3c9.jpg 

And on that note! Maybe it's the fact that fall is right around the corner but sports wear is kind of making itself a massive trend. Jeremy Scott has a couple jersey dresses in his latest collection, Undefeated has a whole Hockey Collection, The band MellowHype did a serious of baseball inspired shirts, and many more. 

I found this top for $0.99, so why not. Right?

 photo IMG_2292_zps6d79b1a5.jpg photo IMG_2294_zps7f3ee7d8.jpg  photo gameday_guttersnipe_zps0e55b248.jpg   
Top (Salvation Army) $0.99 x Nikes x DIY shorts x earrings (made by my sister) 

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