Friday, July 26, 2013

see. through.

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Oh you know, just bouncing around.

Lately I've realized having a fashion blog is more than a hobby. It oddly becomes it's a lifestyle. It becomes it's own thing. People do recognize me from this (which still catches me so off guard but I am very flattered) but having a fashion blog doesn't mean I know everything about fashion. No. I just know about my fashion.

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What I like and what I don't like. It's about my personal style and how I do things. It's an interactive, live, public record of my fashion and style journey as a 20 something. A girl, a guttersnipe who loves wearable art and getting it for very cheap.

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All honesty; I think everyone should have a style blog. If not a blog in general. Who cares if no one reads it or if it doesn't get big? It's something you do. It's something you like.

So; fuck it. Just do it for fun. Not fame.

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Timberlands x DIY shorts x Salvation Army Shirt x goodwill Necklace

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