Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cry Baby!

As I posted earlier I was part of a really cool photo shoot. I got to film it and take some behind the scenes pictures as well. But now that I am home I am in my sweats, blogging, and eating left overs. BUT before I was the scrub I am currently now, I did take some pictures of my "semi-professional film maker who likes to have fun" outfit a.k.a. my "Cry Baby!" outfit

I am so tired I could cry!

tights - gift
jean shorts - freebie (in a friend's goodwill pile)
shirt - (My sister's that I borrowed a.k.a. "stolen" because it's truly amazing!)
suspenders - (Redlight) $2.50
hat - (boyfriend's hat)

I am not a big hat person but lately since it's been so cold I've been sporting more.

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