Thursday, February 17, 2011

New York Fashion Week: Jeremy Scott Fall 2011

Let it be known I am a sucker for Jeremy Scott. Love, love, LOVE him. A lot of people find him to be loud, bright, too much, insane, and unconventional. Too me, that's a list of reasons too love him. His 2011 Spring collection was truly amazing and fresh, taking average everyday items, signs, and symbols and blowing them up into something new and fresh. His creativity stuns me. He can do runway, watches, evening wear, street wear, and even sneakers.

I am actually a very lucky girl because I own a pair of his winged adidas shoes. (Pictured below)

Here is his latest collection. I am not crazy about it but I am loving the superman-retro 50's-skeleton-sweet sweaters-glitter-light bright show. Scott is fun and playful, his models have make up I would do when I was 5 and playing with my mother's make-up.

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