Monday, April 25, 2011

DIY: Hoop Earrings

Hello lovely peeps. Hope everyone had a nice Easter. My family takes it pretty darn serious, we aren't religious but it's another reason to eat really good food.

I have a new DIY!

A true guttersnipe NEVER EVER buys hoop earrings. It's a waste. What you should do instead is buy bangles and make your own.

Get two things for the price of one. All you need are the following things:

- bangles (any color, shape or size)
- earrings hooks (can be found at any jewelry, bead or fabric stores like Michael's or Joanna's)
- small earring hoops/fastens (also found at any jewelry store)
- pliers

First. Using the pliers open a small sliver hoop or fasten

Second. Place the bangle into the fasten

Third. Take an earring hook and also place it in the fasten/sliver hoop.

Fourth. Using the pliers, close the sliver fasten.

Now enjoy! Best part is you can replace the hoops with different ones whenever you want too. They are cheap, cute, and interchangeable. While you're at the jewelry store or where ever it's also a good idea to get some other cool chains, buttons, beads or whatever to hang from the middle of the earrings like so:

Hoop earrings go with every outfit.

shirt - (Hand-me-down: my father's)
belt - (freebie)
jeans - (HM) $7.00
shoes - (gift)
hoop earrings - DIY


  1. Girl you are b-a-d!! Lol, love this & I will start using asap.

    1. Hahah! Thanks. You are far too kind.