Saturday, May 21, 2011

DIY: High-waisted Lace Cut-Off Shorts

I made these awhile back but haven't been able to wear them or blog about them. But alas the time has come and here they are: High-waisted Lace Cut-Off Shorts

First: find a pair of high waisted jeans. The secret is to look in the men's section. Find a pair slightly bigger so it can go over your hips. Then cut them off to the length you want.

second: Find lace. I found this beautiful lace at a fabric store on cap hill. It was $1.69 a yard. So worth it.

third: place the lace right on the edge of the jeans and sew.

Side note -- I personally love hand sewing more because it takes a lot of effort to get my mom's sewing machine out. But you can do either.

NOW if you want to get really fancy you can cut off the back pocket of the shorts and make a lace pocket like so:

And there you have it. Your own pair of high waisted cut off lace jean shorts. (That's a long title...)

Gold flats: (Payless Shoes) $5.00
DIY High-Waisted Lace Cut-Off Shorts: (lace - Stitches Fabric Store $1.69 a yard/jeans- Goodwill $3.50)
Cardigan: (Goodwill) $2.50
Tank Top: (Nordstorm Rack) $6.00
Necklace: (Goodwill) $2.00

(please excuse how pale I am. My skin tone is called "unbaked pie crust")

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  1. Wow, loove this!
    I want to get lace and put it on the edge sorta and put beading's on the lace :D and or on the front pocket area :D
    So I googled for a tutorial, and found your blog! :)