Sunday, May 1, 2011

Review from the Gutter: The Vintage Closet

Yesterday was such a beautiful day in Seattle. Lucky for me I didn't have work until 8:00 PM so I headed to North Seattle to running errands when I came across this little gem of a store called:

Of course I had to check it out. The second I pulled in I saw THIS car. How could I pass up?

This was the guard dog Bentley. I am not a dog fan but this little guy was too cute to pass up.

It's a very small space, a hole in the wall, but it has a lot of spunk even before you step in the spot. The lovely woman who owns the place was telling me she has been there for years and is now moving and getting a new bigger place.

All the stuff is you need to be a western 80's chick!

Walls & walls of cowboy boots are the highlight of the store. All different types of cuts, shapes, and colors. I was so tempted to buy a red pair like Lori Singer from Footloose but they didn't have my size. However, the owner, is a thrifting queen and buyer, so she told me to come back next week because the store is always being up dated with new goodies.

I am sad I didn't more enough photos, but that gives you more reason to see it yourself. Now besides the cowboy boots there's more. The 80's is hiding in this store! There's beautiful amazing gold metallic prom dresses, sequins clutches, floral light weight leggings, and jewelry that would make Madonna drool.

Now since the owner is a buyer the stuff is pretty well priced. $8-60 price range for clothes, $20-$120 for shoes and boots. Of course the more expensive stuff is vintage. (YES there is a differences between vintage & thrifting. I will post about that soon...)

Overall I give this place a Guttersnipe stamp of approval. I bought two rings that I am sure I'll show off soon. Prefect spot to update your summer collection...

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