Saturday, June 11, 2011

La Rosa

I use to hate my name. It didn't seem to "fit" me but now (no pun intended) I am growing in to it. Rose.

Anywho, my sister graduate from college yesterday! Which was really exciting. So I was up late last night partying with her and her friends. This morning, tired, I woke up and did some summer cleaning. Then got some friends together and headed to the Georgetown Carnival. Got some pizza, walked around a bit, took some great pictures but didn't see a bearded lady. Too bad!

ALSO! I did a NYLON Challenge which I will post tomorrow PLUS two new DIY's. I am on a roll....

shoes (nordstorm) $20.00
Jeans (goodwill) $7.00
shirt - (goodwill) $3.50
belt (H&M) $4.00
Necklace (target) $1.99
Rose (from my mom's garden)

Sweet summer night music:

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